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Authentic furniture for those who seek authentic

Bridge dining
Functional, Simple, and Authentic Danish design

The organic, modern atmosphere created by the functional simplicity of its design. Its beautiful wood and touch blend well with your home and gently add colors to your daily life.

“BRIDGE” creates beautiful living scenery.

A wide variety of living and dining furniture, that allow you to fully feel the warmth of solid wood, makes it possible to coordinate your life in total. A simple shape born from the functional beauty of Danish design is similar to our norm of the “design by subtraction.”


World-class quality and design to your living room

elegance chairs
Beautiful and light, Sophisticated furniture for your home

Feminine and graceful looking, yet supple and disciplined, like a dancer. Sophisticated furniture that gives a feeling of soft warmth every time you touch it and adds fine quality.

Danish Design Award FINALIST 2021

In 2021 in Denmark, AMLYS 2.1kg ELEGANCE Chair received the finalist award of the "Danish Design Award 2021".